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donald_morrisonDonald Morrison
Chair, Department of Philosophy

Professor of Philosophy and Classical Studies

Department of Philosophy MS 14
Rice University
6100 South Main Street
Houston, Texas 77005-1892
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Current Major Research Projects:

(1) "Conceptions of Analytic Method in Late Greek Philosophy". A study of conceptions of "analysis" as a philosophical method or methods, roughly from Alexander of Aphrodesias through Philoponus. Certain related methods of arriving at first principles are included in the study, esp. a method called "tekmeriodic proof".The project is aimed at historians of science, as well as at philosophers and historians of philosophy. One way of describing the topic is as "the ancient antecedents of Zabarella's and Galileo's resolutive-compositive method."

(2) "The Good of the City in Classical Greek Political Philosophy". A study of the concept of the "good of the city", or the "happiness" or "well-being" of the polis, in Plato, Xenophon, and Aristotle.

(3) Editing Cambridge Companion to Socrates.

Some recent publications:

(1) "Happiness, Rationality, and Egoism in Plato's Socrates' Rationality and Happiness: from the Ancients to the Early Medievals, ed. Jiyuan Yu , University of Rochester Press 2003, pp. 17-34.

(2) "Some Central Elements of Socrates' Political Theory", Polis vol.18, 2001, pp. 27-40.

(3) "Politics as a Vocation according to Aristotle", History of Political Thought, summer 2001, pp. 221-241.

(4) "The Happiness of the City and the Happiness of the Individual in Plato's Republic", Ancient Philosophy, Spring 2001, pp. 1-25.

(5) "On the alleged historical reliability of Plato's Apology", Archiv fÙr Geschichte der Philosophie, 2000, ppp. 235-265.

(6) "Philoponus and Simplicius on Tekmeriodic Proof", Method and Order in Renaissance Philosophy of Nature. The Aristotle Commentary Tradition, ed. Eckhardt Kessler , Ashgate 1998, pp. 1-22.