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Philosophy Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Arts

Students majoring in philosophy must complete 30 semester hours (10 departmental courses); At least 18 hours (6 courses) must be at the 300 level or above.  A double major must complete 27 hours (9 departmental courses) with all other requirements remaining the same.

Majors must take the following courses:
PHIL 201 History of Philosophy I, PHIL 202 History of Philosophy II, and either PHIL 106 Logic or PHIL 305 Mathematical Logic.  

In addition, majors must take at least one course from each of the following area lists:  
: PHIL 301 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, PHIL 302 Modern Philosophy, PHIL 308 Continental Philosophy, PHIL 321 Kant and 19th Century Philosophy.  
Core Analytic:  PHIL 303 Theory of Knowledge, PHIL 304 Metaphysics, PHIL 312 Philosophy of Mind, PHIL 313 Philosophy of Science, PHIL 353 Philosophy of Language.  
Value Theory
: PHIL 306 Ethics, PHIL 307 Social & Political Philosophy, PHIL 316 Philosophy of Law,  PHIL 326 History of Ethics, PHIL 327 History of Social & Political Philosophy.

In addition to the departmental requirements for the major, students must also satisfy the distribution requirements and complete no fewer than 60 semester hours outside the departmental requirements for a total program of at least 120 semester hours.