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mcculloughLaurence B. McCullough
Professor of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy - MS 14
Rice University
6100 Main Street
Houston, TX 77005

Laurence B. McCullough, Ph.D. received his A.B. in 1969 from Williams College and his Ph.D. in 1975 from the University of Texas at Austin. He taught at Texas A&M and Georgetown Universities after holding a post-doctoral fellowship at the Hastings Center in New York. He joined the Center for Medical Ethics and health Policy in 1988 and is currently professor of medicine and medical ethics at Baylor and faculty associate of Baylor's Huffington Center on Aging, where he leads the Ethics Research Group. He was awarded a fellowship from the American Council of Learned Societies for 1995-1996.

Dr. McCullough has written four books, including Ethics in Obstetrics and Gynecology with Frank A. Chervenak, M.D. (Oxford University Press, 1994), Leibniz on Individuals and Individuation: The Persistence of Pre-Modern Ideas in Modern Philosophy (Kluwer, 1996), and John Gregory and the Invention of Professional Medical Ethics and the Profession of Medicine (Kluwer, 1998). He has edited several volumes, including Long-Term Care Decisions: Ethical and Conceptual Dimensions with Nancy L. Wilson (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1995), John Gregory's Writings on Medical Ethics and Philosophy of Medicine (Kluwer, 1998) and Surgical Ethics with Baruch A. Brody, Ph.D., and James W. Jones, M.D., Ph.D. (Oxford, 1998). He has published more than 150 articles and original book chapters, as well as numerous textbook chapters.

Dr. McCullough served from 1987-1988 as president of the Society for Health and Human Values. He has served on several data and safety monitoring committees for the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and currently serves on the ethics committees of the Houston Veterans Affairs Medical Center, St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital and The Methodist Hospital. He is adjunct professor of ethics in obstetrics and gynecology at Cornell University Medical College.

Dr. McCullough's research interests include ethics and aging, ethics in obstetrics and gynecology, ethics in pediatrics, ethics in the management of health care institutions, ethics of human subjects research, the history of medical ethics and the philosophy of Leibniz.