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Gwen Bradford

/uploadedImages/Faculty/Assistant_Professors/Gwen.jpgGwen Bradford, Associate Professor. Moral Philosophy (value theory, normative ethics), history of moral philosophy, epistemology, philosophy of law. PhD, Yale (2010).
Email: Gwen.Bradford@rice.edu

Baruch Brody

brodyBaruch Brody, Andrew W. Mellon Professor in Humanities, Professor Philosophy. Medical Ethics, History of Ethics, Philosophy of Religion. Ph.D., Princeton (1967). Email: bbrody@rice.edu 

Steven G. Crowell

Steven Crowell  Joseph and Joanna Nazro Mullen Professor of Philosophy and Chair. Continental Philosophy, Kant, German Idealism, Aesthetics. Ph.D., Yale (1981). Email: crowell@rice.edu  

H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr

engelhardtH. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr. , Professor. History and Philosophy of Medicine, Continental Philosophy. Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin (1969); M.D., Tulane (1972). Email: htengelh@rice.edu  

Richard Grandy

Richard Grandy Richard Grandy   Carolyn and Fred McManis Professor of Philosophy. Logic, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Math, Philosophy of Science, Cognitive Sciences.Ph.D., Princeton (1968). Email: rgrandy@rice.edu

Mark Kulstad

Mark A. Kulstad, Professor Emeritus and Research Professor of Philosophy. Leibniz, History of Modern Philosophy, Epistemology. Ph.D., University of Michigan (1975). Email: kulstad@rice.edu

Alexander Morgan
MorganAlexander Morgan, Assistant Professor of Philosophy. Email: alex.morgan@rice.edu. Web: http://www.alexanderdavidmorgan.com.
Donald R. Morrison

donald_morrisonDonald R. Morrison, Professor and Chair. Ancient Philosophy, Metaphysics, Medieval Philosophy, Ethics. Ph.D. Princeton (1983). Email: donaldm@rice.edu 

Timothy Schroeder

Timothy Schroeder  Timothy Schroeder, Professor of Philosophy. Philosophy of mind, philosophy of psychology, cognitive/affective science, action theory, moral psychology (and, here and there, the philosophy of art). PhD, Stanford University (1998). Email: timothy.a.schroeder@rice.edu

George Sher

George SherGeorge Sher, Herbert S. Autrey Professor of PhilosophyDepartment of Philosophy
Ethics, Social Philosophy, Political Philosophy. Ph.D., Columbia (1972). gsher@rice.edu 

Charles Siewert

Charles Siewert, Robert Alan and Kathryn Dunlevie Hayes Chair in Humanities, Professor of Philosophy. Philosophy of mind (esp. consciousness), phenomenology, and ancient philosophy. PhD, University of California, Berkeley (1994). Email: charles.siewert@rice.edu

Vida Yao

Vida YaoVida Yao, Assistant Professor. Ethics, moral psychology. PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2016). Email vyao@rice.edu.


Brian T. Miller
Brian T. Miller    Brian T. Miller, Lecturer.  Epistemology, formal epistemology.  PhD, University of Texas at Austin (2016).