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Graduate Admissions

Strengths of the Ph.D. Program  

The graduate program educates students to pursue research and teach in the main areas of department concentration:  

Degree requirements for the Ph.D.:

  • Candidate must complete with high standing 42 hours of course work approved by the department 
  • Demonstrate competence in logic
  • Pass a qualifying examination
  • Perform satisfactorily on an oral defense of their thesis proposal
  • Complete a written thesis on a subject approved by the department (at least one year of thesis research must be spent in residence)
  • Perform satisfactorily on a final oral examination

Rice University aspires to excellence in research and teaching, and to making the world a better place. To accomplish these goals, we believe that we must cultivate a diverse community of learning and discovery. The Philosophy Department strongly encourages applications from women and members of other groups underrepresented in philosophy. 



The department faculty and staff work closely to support our graduate students in their pursuit of academic jobs. Of Rice students completing the PhD program since 2003, roughly 74% currently have academic positions, as you can see from the record posted below. (This number does not exclude those who chose not to seek academic jobs.) The information here is complete so far as we know, although developments may have occurred, and we welcome updates. Code: TT=tenure track; T=tenure; O=other academic position; PD=post doc; NA=designations are not applicable

 Philosophy PhDs 2003-2018 Philosophy PhDs 2003-2018_



For information on the Philosophy Department's workshop on diversity ("Why So Few"), visit wsf.rice.edu, and for information on Rice University's diversity commitment for graduate students, visit diversity.rice.edu.