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Gwen Bradford
Rice University
Department of Philosophy, MS 14
P.O. Box 1892
Houston, Texas 77251-1892
Department - 713-348-4994
Office - 713-348-2771
Fax - 713-348-5847
Email: Gwen.Bradford@rice.edu 


The central focus of my research investigates the nature of achievements, and what makes them valuable.  Achievements are typically acknowledged as significant on “objective list” theories of value, but in spite of such widespread acknowledgement of the importance of achievements, there is virtually no philosophical literature devoted to the rigorous investigation of just what achievements are, or why they are valuable.  My research is focused on these questions:  developing an account of the nature of achievements and accounting for their value, and pursuing related issues, such as the nature of difficulty and effort, and also certain issues in epistemology. 

More generally, my interests are in value theory – particularly in the following issues:  the nature of intrinsic value, happiness and well-being, and perfectionism – as well as normative ethics, the history of moral philosophy, and epistemology.  Other favorite topics to puzzle about are the meaning of life, and the nature and value of games.