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Financial Support

Typically, every student accepted into our Ph.D. program receives substantial financial support – a full tuition waiver and a full stipend (for five years, assuming satisfactory progress).

The level of our Ph.D. stipend is about $21,000.

The total value of the average financial award, including both stipend and tuition waiver, is more than $47,000 per year.

In some cases Ph.D. students receive financial support for a full six years.

Stipend support is not dependent on a heavy load of teaching assistance, as it is in the case of many financial awards at Philosophy Departments around the country. In the first year of graduate study, no work for the Department is required at all. In subsequent years, a modest amount of teaching assistance or research assistance for the Department is required in connection with the Rice University stipend. As an additional benefit, in the later years of one’s Ph.D. work, opportunities exist for teaching one’s own courses at Rice University. Such teaching is paid for over and above the stipend payment, and it helps build a record of teaching experience beyond that involved in simply assisting full faculty members in their courses.

Reduced Teaching Requirements & Other Financial Considerations

You should always get information on how long you will be supported at the programs you are interested in, not just what initial offers are. Keep in mind that the actual offer letter provides the most official information. The fine print is not always fun to read, but it is always a good idea to pay serious attention.

We think we offer a strong package, one that can stand up to careful scrutiny and serious competition.

Do not forget cost of living issues (Houston compares very well with most major urban centers in this regard), and the advantages of a Rice stipend versus a standard teaching assistantship.