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Recent Graduate Students

Michael Barkasi

Dissertation: "Perceptual Links: Attention, Experience, and Demonstrative Thought"

Advisor: Casey O'Callaghan 

Jennifer Bulcock

Dissertation: The Problem of Evidence for Evidence-Based Medicine

Advisor:  H.T. Engelhardt

Matthew Burch
Dissertation: "Enstrangement and Responsibility: Heidegger's Account of Selfhood"
Advisor: Steven Crowell
Email: m.ivarburch@gmail.com


Anthony Carreras
Dissertation: "Aristotle's Ideals of Friendship and Virtue"
Advisor: Don Morrison
Email: aec2.at.rice.edu 
Website: http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~aec2/

Lisa Eddleman

Dissertation: "The Concept of Human Dignity in Bioethics"

Advisor:  Baruch Brody

Jeremy Garrett

Dissertation: "The Normative Foundations of Marriage"
Advisor: George Sher
Email: garrettj@saclink.csus.edu  

 Moti Gorin

Dissertation: "The Nature and Ethical Significance of Manipulation"

Advisor:  Baruch Brody http://motigorin.blogs.rice.edu


Derrick Gray

Dissertation: "Towards a New Theory of Exploitation"

Advisor: George Sher


Stan Husi
Dissertation: "Building Reasons"
Advisor: George Sher
Email: husi@email.unc.edu 
Website: www.stanhusi.com  


Vinod Lakshmipathy
Dissertation:  "Nietzsche's Meta-Existentialiam"
Advisor: Steven Crowell

Email: acharyav@seattleu.edu


Irene McMullin
Dissertation: "The Social Self: A Heideggerian Account of Intersubjectivity"
Advisor: Steven Crowell

Garret Merriam
Dissertation: "Virtue Ethics and the Moral Significance of Animals"
Advisor: Baruch Brody
Email: gmerriam@gmail.com


Jacob Mills

Dissertation: "Leibniz on Modality"

Advisor: Mark Kulstad

Email: electrictension77@gmail.com

John O'Neal

Dissertation: "Levels and Reality"
Advisor: Richard Grandy
Email: jaoneal@verizon.net


Heather Phillips

Dissertation: "Can You Believe It? A Case for Meaningful Control of Belief"

Advisor: Casey O'Callaghan

Brian Prince

Dissertation: "Motion and the Soul in Late Plato"
Advisor: Donald Morrison

Email: brian.prince@philosophy.ox.ac.uk


David Ralston
Dissertation: "The Concept of Disability: A Philosophical Analysis"
Advisor: H. T. Engelhardt

William Smith
Dissertation:  "Selfhood, Intersubjectivity, and the Normativity of Moral Obligations"
Advisor:  Steven Crowell
Email: william.hosmer@gmail.com

Danielle Wenner
Disssertation: "Breakdowns in the Justification of Democracy"
Advisor: George Sher