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Welcome to the Philosophy Department at Rice University

Plato & AristotleWe are committed to excellence in research and teaching.

Among our research strengths are ethics (especially applied ethics), social and political philosophy, the history of philosophy and core analytic areas (especially philosophy of mind).

Our teaching is intended to prepare doctoral students for careers, and to provide both undergraduate majors and students from other disciplines with philosophical knowledge and skills.

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Faculty Spotlights

REGRichard Grandy Chair, Department of Philosophy.  Carolyn and Fred McManis Professor of Philosophy. Logic, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Math, Philosophy of Science, Cognitive Sciences.Ph.D., Princeton (1968). Email: rgrandy@rice.edu

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Student Spotlights

Faith Shapiro Konstantin Kolenda Scholarship
The Philosophy Department is pleased to announce that the Konstantin Kolenda Fellowship for 2013-14 has been awarded to Faith Shapiro.  The Kolenda Fellowship is awarded each year to a philosophy major who will be a senior and who has shown outstanding promise in philosophy, as evidenced by academic performance, by enthusiasm for philosophy, and by breadth of interests. The Fellowship was established in honor of Professor Kolenda by his wife, Dr. Pauline Kolenda. Professor Kolenda, a longtime member of the  department, was the author of many books notable for their humane wisdom, wide field of vision, wit, and accessibility. More »